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Methodology That Informs for the Highest Quality Measurement in Healthcare

Quantros is differentiated from others in the market based on its comprehensive capabilities and proprietary methodologies for tracking and measuring clinical and financial performance for physicians and hospitals. We have also developed, and annually update, a sophisticated composite quality scoring and rating methodology which consolidates multiple quality measures into a single percentile score at both the state and national level to assess hospital and physician performance.

Stand Out in the Increasingly Complex Healthcare Landscape

CareChex Awards by Quantros are based on our peer-reviewed quality scoring system that compares inpatient quality performance across all general, acute care, non-federal hospitals in the nation.

Relying on both public and proprietary measures of performance, the Quality Outcomes & Ratings module compares the quality of hospital and physician care to national and state standards using a variety of clinical indicators to assign a proprietary Composite Quality Score and Rating.

Unlike other rating systems, CareChex provides a comprehensive analysis of medical quality and DOES NOT incorporate any self-reported data.

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